2V was honestly started out of a personal need. I always had difficulty understanding and applying the scriptures to my life. Eventually, after a while, even though I couldn't necessarily explain them with words, the Lord would reveal them to me through comics and illustrations. That's where Visual Verse Design Studio (shortened as 2V) was born.
With all of the things the Lord has me doing between the Bible plans, the blog, the podcast, the illustrations, serving at the church; whatever it is, my motivation for it all is to ignite a love for the Word of God in believers of all stages of their journey. After all, it is our spiritual sword.
My Testimony
Before coming to Christ art was always a way for me to express myself. I always loved seeing the reactions and hearing the stories of how my work touched people. I always enjoyed semi-realistic portraiture, and sure it was impressive, but that meant nothing to me without purpose. The fact that there is a potential that someone can experience the love of Jesus through my art is mind-blowing. But I truly give all the glory to God.
When I surrendered my art and creativity to him in November 2022 I had no clue what it would look like. After clearing out my studio, I told the Lord, "Even if I never pick up a paintbrush another day in my life, I don't want it if you're not there".
And that makes me choke up even thinking about it because now looking back that was a huge sacrifice for me to make. Art was my life, my career, my entire personality, it was all I talked about. Most days I fell asleep painting and woke up to do it all over again.
But at the time it was so easy for me to give it up because I knew He had something greater. And the scariest part of it was that I truly meant what I said. If He is not there I don't want it. I've lived much of my life separated from Him and once you experience that love, nothing else can fulfill.
I will never be able to put into words how good He has been to me, but this is the love I truly hope you feel through this page. There is so much suffering and heartache in the world that just goes to prove how much we are in need of a Savior. But the truth is that Jesus is knocking at the door, just waiting for us to let Him in.

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